Friday, May 22, 2015

Oil and Gas my personal experiences

This blog was started: May 22, 2015

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I started this blog because I think the oil and gas companies have been negligent on way too many things. 

When I was a small child, the oil company ordered my father to move his oil tank into the house, they put it under my bedroom, directly under my bed.  

They had a spill down there.  Breathing them fumes, at that young age from that thing for years, probably did not help  my health.  Who the heck tells someone to put a freaking tank of oil into a house and below the bed of a young child? Then they changed their minds and told Dad to take it out. He wanted to deck them but he remained calm. 

I used to compute to work at a group home to the north.  On this rural route there was a natural gas pumping station or something.  I would always smell gas out it.  One day it was so strong I thought I would call the gas people and tell them, it was Sunday....I called their 'in case of emergency' number and got no answer.  I was busy with residents and kids of my own, forgot all about it and then I hear they had an explosion at that place. 

We owned a house to the south and it came with a rental natural gas space heater, which comes with free service. I called them up and asked them how often the heater should be checked. They said it 'comes up on our system'....they guy in the background was laughing...this was before the days of computers.  We owned the house for five  years, it was not checked once.   We moved to the north, rented the house out, the tenant called me up and said, 'the heater is shooting flames out the side of it.
Her children were 4 and 5.  The burner had gone in it. 

I have a house with a high efficiency natural gas furnace and a hot water tank. I have to say, they work really well, when the exhaust vents are installed on the proper angles so that the moisture that natural gas gives off when it burns does not run back into the furnace and burn out parts.

When the furnace was first installed, the pipe was at the wrong angle but I did not know this.  But I had called the people who had installed it after about a year of owning it and asked them how often it should be inspected.  She said, "every three years, there's nothing to them."

Well in those three years, the water from the wrong angle exhaust dripped down into the furnace, burned out the fan, and it was a $500. part that went onto a credit card.

So they replaced that part but never changed the angel.  A few years later, I get smart, start checking the furnace myself, notice that water is STILL dripping down into it so I get a different company to look at it.  They replaced the leaking pipe, another $500. bill on a credit card, and they noticed that the leaking exhaust pipe is the wrong angle so they fixed that, after the furnace is 18 years old.  So now the furnace is full of rust from their mistake.  This is all on top of the outrageous finance fees that they charged me to finance the furnace.

When my ex husband didn't pay the gas bill, they shut it off the gas and never told us.  I didn't know and the electric on the hot water tank didn't get shut off and the fan ran on it all night before I realized what was going on.  Another time they changed the meter, at another appointment time than they had given me, and I wasn't home, turned off the gas, the fan ran all night once again because I didn't come in the front door and check.  I told them, the clerk lied about the appointment time and the appointment went 'poof' off my web page.  The gas guy said, "next time turn off the electric".....IF I KNOW ABOUT IT.  They really need to make sure because a small engine like that can over heat and cause fire and I know that because I grew up with a father and a brother who were always playing around with small engines and motors and stuff like that.

So  maybe they should check all them gas explosions and see if any of them were caused by the gas company turning off the gas and not switching off the electric.